Kategori: Kunst/Kultur

The art of landscapes (1994)

Swinglehurst, Edmund

The art of Manet (1982)

Nathaniel Harris
Optimum Books

The color treasury of 18th Century porcelain (1976)

Siegfried Ducret
Thomas Y. Crowell company

The fetish carvers of Zuni (hft) (1995)

Marian Rodee and James Ostler
The Maxwell Museum of anthropology

The heart book – The tradition of the Danish Ballad (1965)

Danish m. of for. Affairs

The hist. and techn. of the great masters-Rembrandt (1988)

Morrall, Andrew
Tiger books international

The house on the klong (1968)

William Warren
John Weatherhill inc.

The life and works of Picasso (1994)

Harris, Nathaniel

The life and works of Rembrandt (1994)

Douglas Mannering

The Louvre (hft) (1979)

Germain Bazin
Thames and Hudson

The observer´s book of Painting (slitt rygg) (1958)

Gaunt, William
Frederick Warne & co

The occult in art (1990)

Owen S. Rachleff
Cromwell editions

The Opera guide (1990)

Collins and Brown

The quiet room (u.å.)

Kumpch , Jens-Uwe (red)
Natur og kulturforlaget

The shipcarvers handbook ()

Jay S. Hanna
Woodenboat publications

The Social History of art, Volume one (Hft.) ()

Hauser, Arnold
Routledge and Kegan

The spirit of Man – The Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard (1981)

Nathan Cabot Hale
Medical arts Publishing foundation

The world of Serge Diachilev (1974)

Paul Elek

The Writer´s drawing book (hft (USA)) (1994)

Pullinger/Rothenstein (red)
Redstone press

Theodor Kittelsen (1964)

Odd Hølaas (tekst)
Oslo Kunstforening

Thomas Fearnley (hft) (1986)

Stiftelsen Modums Blaafarveværk

Tirilil Tove (1959)

Ingrid Kittelsen Treider